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Silver News

Tassels in Jewellery

Tassels, with their Eastern heritage, bring to the fashion forefront an Asian element that highlights the direction in which designers, tastemakers and fashions most wonderfully dressed are looking.

Tasbeeh Beads

Silver Findings Tasbeeh Beads Accesories Fine Silver have been added!

A Gold Mine in Sterling Silver Beads

Invest Silver Bead Istead of Gold!

How to Order

It is very easy; to order silver beads findings and silver jewelry from our web site;
First, you should register the link below;
then you should log in the link below;

One important thing on our web site; Each Shopping Cart has a 45-minute time limit. Some customer rarely fills shopping chart but not buys or pays. We have some items those are unique only one in our stock. That customer never buys and also other customers can not buy because of them. It is like someone fill cart in a supermarket but do not pay and left it alone goes outside without buying. Goods are in the cart but noting on shelves. This not good for market owners.

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